Find My Phone / Mobile Fast 1.8 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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Find my phone instantly with the click of a button. Utility + Game.

Free trial of #1 "find my phone" utility and game app for Android.

Find My Phone / Mobile Fast (FMMF) can instantly find any Android device by making it Scream (ring at the loudest volume even if its on silent, vibrate, and turn on camera flash).

Use "find my phone" functionality for the serious business of finding your lost phone or these other Game and Urgent Message uses:

- Hide and Seek: Hide one phone. Make it Scream and have your kids go find it. Kids love playing this for hours. Its better than handing them phone to play Angry Birds.

- Urgent Messages: If you urgently need to get hold of your spouse/friend/colleague, Scream their phone. Useful in loud environments and when ringer is on silent.

You can Send Scream (initiate) from any web enabled device. If you have another Android device you can Send Scream from within the Find My Phone / Mobile Fast app or a dedicated home screen FMMF widget. You can also Send Scream from a non-Android phone, PC or Mac by clicking on a Scream URL that can be placed in web shortcuts for quick access.

Detailed user guide

Free trial lets you find phone TWO times. Afterwards, please upgrade to Premium for only 99c till 5/19 (regular price $1.99).

The Premium version also contains these great additional benefits:

1. Extra Loud Volume - even easier to hear

2. Scream for longer - options increase from 30 sec (base version) to 5 minutes

3. Vibrate - to avoid disturbing others

4. Five Premium Ringtones - high pitched tones that are easy to hear from far

5. Camera Flash Strobe Light - easier to see at night

6. Support further development

Find My Phone / Mobile Fast is the most advanced app in the "find my phone" category not only because it uses the most advanced coding magic but because:

* It works - on any Android phone or tablet. You may laugh at this one, but a lot of the alternatives today simply do not work.

* Fast device Screams instantly

* Simple everything about the app screams simplicity

* Battery Life does not drain battery

* Beautiful a utility app that is also a pleasure to use because of the attention to design

Find My Mobile Fast is the best solution. However to help you in your decision, here are the top alternatives:

Wheres my Droid by alienmfc6

Ever lost your phone and you go to call it to listen for the ringer and remember its on silent mode?

Find My Phone by GT Media

Fear that your stolen phone has confidential images on your SD Card?

Find My Phone is exactly what you need.

Lookout Mobile Security

* Find My Phone - however this app is not optimized for the find my phone feature. It takes 5 minutes just to activate this feature each time.

Seek Droid by GT Media

Find my phone feature take 5 minutes to use.

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System Requirements:

No special requirements

Find My Phone / Mobile Fast 1.8 Free Download screenshot